[Announcement] New artworks are available at Green Pheasant

We are delighted to announce the availability of the stunning artwork series by KAJIURA Asuka, she formed the "link" group of female craftsmen and "link" received the special award of the Wabunka Grand Prix 2021.

KAJIURA Asuka is an Ise netsuke craftsman and the representative of 'link', a women's craftsmen's group in Tokai region. She is a former broadcaster at Tsu Broadcasting Station of NHK Nagoya. During her time at NHK, she managed the 'Techniques of the Tokai Region' segment, where she interviewed various craftsmen. She was impressed by the beauty of traditional crafts and the passion put into them, felt a sense of crisis at the potential loss of these crafts due to a lack of successors. This motivated her to become a craftsman herself.

She hopes that netsuke will be an encouragement for anyone facing challenges or having hard times.

Check her artworks:

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