Introduction of Artist

TAKAHASHI Kanji is concerned with patterned paper that is used in the traditional Japanese craft of dyeing. He is committed to creating products that preserve this excellent traditional Japanese technique and work design which can be passed on to future generations. Particular attention is drawn to Ise-katagami, which has a history of more than 1,000 years, and which can disseminate ancient Japanese kimono designs to the world in a new form, while widely introducing traditional Japanese techniques.
The origins of Ise-katagami are said to date back to the Muromachi period, and it has long been used to dye ancient Japanese designs and patterns into the fabric of kimonos. He has used the beauty of the delicate patterns and motifs of this Ise-katagami paper for indoor craft lighting shades. The patterns are projected as shadows in the space of the room.



I have been fascinated by the idea of combining my expertise in the field of lighting with traditional Japanese patterns, and have developed lighting fixtures that incorporate these patterns into lampshades. By blending Japanese traditional culture with modern technology, we create fantastical lighting environments that express the beauty and techniques of Japan in new ways. Through my artworks, I would like to show more people the charm of Japanese culture and convey the essence of Japan to the world.


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  • Company name

    AKARI Co.,Ltd

  • Activity area

    Kanagawa, JAPAN

  • Biography

    Received the Omotenashi Selection award.
    Featured on the cover of ANA's in-flight magazine "WINGSPAN" (International Edition) in the November issue.
    63rd Tokoname City Art Exhibition, Grand Prize.
    Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the project "Challenge Local Cool Japan in Paris" and exhibited at Maison wa in Paris from April onwards.
    Selected as one of Japan's Best 100 (TAKUMI NEXT 2019) by JETRO, an independent administrative institution of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
    Selected for the second consecutive year as one of Japan's Best 100 (TAKUMI NEXT 2020) by JETRO.
    Awarded the Excellence Award at the Japan Culture Promotion Project, Japan Wabunka Grand Prix.