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LO Chi, a woodcraft designer from Taiwan. During her time at the University of the arts in Taiwan, she specialized in natural lacquer and woodworking. After completing her master's program in Taiwan, she studied as a research student at Tokyo University of the Arts. Following her graduation, she engaged in design work related to woodworking, and currently, she is working at Tendo Mokko Furniture Design. She finds immense joy in handmade craftsmanship, so she spends her evenings and weekends creating her own pieces.



Hi, I am LO Chi, a woodcraft designer from Taiwan. I have designed and produced wood crafts for 17 years. I've been fascinated by wood and its characteristics, such as its colors, scent, warmth, and the unique traces left by user interaction after its use from my university days. I feel that wood is the most sincere material, directly reflecting the effort and dedication poured into each creation, which is why I am deeply enchanted by it.
During my time at an art university in Taiwan, I majored in natural lacquer and woodworking. The touch of lacquer bowls, which my family used and appreciated, captivated me since my childhood. Under the influence, I enjoy selecting materials with warmth and aroma, and fabricating them into my designs. These materials, like wood, accumulate stories and traces over time.
Two prominent features can be observed in my works. First, I love using woodworking techniques to give a sense of softness to hard wood. Second, I would like to seek out traditional crafts and materials that have been forgotten or discarded, and redesign them to reintroduce their beauty into modern spaces. By doing so, these wonderful elements can be preserved and shared for eternity. As long as I have the ability and time, I wish to continue this woodwork design and production, always staying true to my original passion.

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LO Chi
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    LO Chi

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    Tokyo, Japan

  • Biography

    Born in Tapei, Taiwan
    International Craft Art Biennale, Changhua.
    Granted the Silver Prize Tokyo University Intermediatheque Mixed Media Center Furniture Competition.
    Granted the Silver Prize of Deju Furniture Newcomer Award.
    Graduated from the Graduate School of Crafts Design (Wood Crafts) at Taipei National University of the Arts.
    National Traditional Crafts Exhibition 2015, Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Director-General Award.
    Granted the 4th Soba Choko Art Competition Judge's Award.
    Completed studies as a research student in the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Majoring in Crafts (Wood Crafts).
    Granted the Grand Prix, 63rd Tokoname City Art Exhibition.
    Japan's Traditional Crafts Competition 2019, Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Director-General Award.
    Granted the Grand Prix, the 2nd Japan Wabunka Grand Prix.